Pub Kamrup(Assam)

A Solar Off-Grid raised structure power plant to meet the electricity requirement of the educational institute

Safdarjung Tomb, New delhi

Ground mounted solar Off-Grid plant for lighting up the renowned historical monument.

IIT Kanpur

A solar Off-Grid solution with dual axis tracking for research purposes

Jadhao Gears Pvt. Ltd Amaravati, Maharashtra

A state of art solar power plant on slanted rooftop

J. Mitra Associates, New Delhi

A raised rooftop solar power plant for warehouse and the operation


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About Solid Solar
Gautam Polymers – understands the benefits that solar energy has to offer. Since inception in 1997, we have been serving the market with best of the solar lighting equipment such as street lights, rooftop solar power plants and home lighting systems. Being the largest solar manufacturer of India, we offer solutions that can help you in numerous ways.. Read More…
why solid solar Why Solid Solar
With an experience of over 15 years and SP-1B accreditation, MNRE recognizes us as one of the finest solar power plant integrators for our quality and expertise in solar & structural engineering. Solid Solar has commissioned multiple projects with raised rooftop, slanted rooftop, single axis & double axis tracking devices and other solar plants.

Our Projects

Over the years Solid Solar has implemented over 1500 projects across the globe for in lighting houses at distant and unapproachable areas, solar rural mini-grids, solar off grid solutions for commercial and industrial sector, solar solutions for leading educational institutions, historical monuments, banks etc.

Jantar-Mantar Manufacturing Facility SP 1B Rating